I am coming from a shop that sells art. I was surprised to see some people taking photographs of paintings. The shopowner forced these people to delete the pictures. There was a real row over picture-taking. Later the shopowner told me that peopleare always looking for opportunties to copy these painting and sell them in the market at half the price. It left me wondering how one can protect one's IPR, because art does not come like that. It needs a lot of thought going into it before one can put a concept into a medium. And after all, the idea needs to be protected from the spurious market. Mitul.
3/4/2011 07:20:23 pm

Art cannot be copied. So, even if someone is trying to copy, he cannot extract the soul from the original work of art to his copy.

candice accola
3/4/2011 07:48:50 pm

i compeletely agree with you Deep.
Art can't be copied.
Art comes from one's own imagination.
By the way, its a lovely website that you have got here, i am going to check in from time to time.
please submit more of your artwork.

3/4/2011 11:06:06 pm

Candice Thanks

5/7/2011 03:27:55 pm

From time immemorial we humans have copied art from the greatest artist of life, God. I agree with Deep and Candice that art cannot be copied completely, maybe jus create a replica. Today the website has lacs of images of all the artists around the world. Copying art can be done for various reasons other than commercial purposes. For eg., a beginner artist may want to look at other artists work and get inspired before they do something of their own; an average person may not be able to afford original art, so they may create something similar that of other artist just to decorate their home.....the reasons are endless. Nevertheless, its best to protect your work by publishing it on a secured site, where you can track the logins. Regards Vinuta


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