It is extremely important to keep the traditions of folk art alive. Unfortunately, not much is being done in this regard. While there are many institutions that track the organised art markets in the world, the folk art market needs support from large institutions and corporates. What do you think?
Sometimes art intimidates like everything else that involves knowledge. But to appreciate art, do you need to be really knowledgeable? Or, you need an eye, a heart and your mind to know what is good from average and the junk?
Is art larger than life or life larger than art? I have always felt that art projects life in a much larger picture. In that way, art is larger than life. Any comments?
I am coming from a shop that sells art. I was surprised to see some people taking photographs of paintings. The shopowner forced these people to delete the pictures. There was a real row over picture-taking. Later the shopowner told me that peopleare always looking for opportunties to copy these painting and sell them in the market at half the price. It left me wondering how one can protect one's IPR, because art does not come like that. It needs a lot of thought going into it before one can put a concept into a medium. And after all, the idea needs to be protected from the spurious market. Mitul.


    Mitul pursues art and craft seriously. She is based out of the United Arab Emirates


    March 2011